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Welcome to Solrise!

Let's make your brand shine

Hey there! I'm Winnie.

I'm an art director, creative strategist, dependable partner, warm soul, and your brand's soon-to-be biggest cheerleader.

I started Solrise to work with mission-driven brands and help them shine. My heart lies in the food & beverage industry, and I love partnering with innovative brands to support their growth & make a positive impact on our communities.

I come from big CPG leading creative campaigns with brands like PepsiCo, Naked Juice, Tropicana, KeVita, Veggie Grill, & thinkThin...

Now, I'm spearheading creative visions for emerging food & beverage brands to set them up for success and do a whole lot of good in our world.

Let's build your brand together

Clients I'm proud to work with:

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