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Meet the Solrise Brands!


I'm lucky to work with some incredibly innovative & mission-driven brands that are making big moves in the food & beverage space and on our planet. Here's to the brands I'm really proud to help grow:


12 Tides

Where sustainable snacking meets ocean activism.


These puffed kelp chips are light, airy, and so delicious - we can't put the bag down until it's empty.

12 Tides donates a portion of their proceeds to restore kelp forests along the California coast through SeaTrees. They're turning the tides on climate change, one kelp chip at a time.

Mylk Labs

Where clean nutrition meets delicious oats.

These oatmeal cups can't be beat - they contain only 6 ingredients and are sooooo good.

Mylk Labs is committed to sourcing & delivering only the best products to help their consumers tackle their every day. What's not to love about a brand that puts your health & nutrition first?

salt vinegar pulp chips.png

Pulp Pantry

Where fighting food waste meets sustainable nutrition.


Pulp Pantry turns food scraps into snacks - recycling fruit & veggie pulp into a delicious & nutritious chip. We love Salt & Vinegar!

They've saved over 79,000kg of nutritious veggies from going to waste in the landfills. Talk about a sustainability superstar that's good for you & the planet. 


Nectar Hydration

Where essential hydration meets clean, real ingredients.

Clean & effective hydration without all the bad stuff!​

Nectar is dedicated to helping people put their health first, starting with clean, effective hydration. They donate a portion of their sales to The Water Project.

Nectar Hydration.png

Gimme Seaweed

Where sustainable seaweed meets roasted perfection.


Gimme's unique flavored seaweed snacks are craveable, crispy, & crunchy. I'm a sucker for Chili Lime & Teriyaki!

Gimme supports climate change initiatives & sea turtle conservation - a nod to their mascot in their logo. They've also donated over 500,000 servings of veggies to kids in need.

Bawi Agua Fresca

Where aguas frescas meet a bubbly modern twist.

Bawi created the first sparkling agua frescas with the perfect balance of bubbles, better ingredients, and bigger flavor.


Beautifully refreshing & delicious. They're my go-to afternoon pick-me-up.

Screen Shot 2023-11-29 at 3.42.54 PM.png

Wildtype Foods

Where cellular agriculture meets sustainable seafood.

Wildtype is set on creating the cleanest, most sustainable seafood, and changing the future of seafood.


They're on a mission to build a better food system and have partnered with The Conservation Fund to help protect the world’s largest wild salmon run.


& your brand here :)

If you're an awesome brand with an incredible mission, I'd love to partner & grow with you.

Let's work together!

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